Tuesday, January 20, 2009

IF I . . . WOULD YOU . . .

If i . . . Would you . . .

If i open up my heart,

Would you help the world tear it the rest of the way apart,

If i finally broke down, laid down and died,

Would you be the first, the last, or the only one who cried,

If i reached out in desperation and held your hand,

Would you hold on firm or would it be like grabbing hour glass sands,

If i allowed you to see my broken wings,

Would you laugh at me or finally hear my demons scream and all the angels in heaven above sing,

If i ran out into the cold dead of night where it's safe for me to hide,

Would you find compassion enough to bring me back inside,

If i told you that i might have one more last chance to feel,

Would you abandon me or help me heal,

If i pieced myself back together so that i gave you me at my best,

Would you give me comfort, joy, peace and finally rest,

If i opened up my soul and showed you the wounds and scars,

Would you try to replace them with heaven above and all of it's stars,

If i gave you my love from this day forwards,

Would you gravitate away from me or towards,

If i promised to always love, honor and cherish,

Would you starve my promise or nourish,

If i promised you all of me: good, bad, saintly, sinful, crazy, sane, evil, ugly, beautiful and sweet to you,

Would you give me back all of the same in you too,

If i gave you my all, gave you my most,

Would you look up and realize that what you had always really wanted, you had just lost.    

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